Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Script Factory Development Course Offer! 16-17 June

Our friends (and former tutors) at the Script Factory have sent us details of a great, new two-day training programme for script developers, readers and producers - and, what's more, they're kindly offering In Development members a discount:

Now booking for:

Thursday 16 June & Friday 17 June

It’s true what they say: writing is re-writing.  Good script development is the single most important task for writers, developers and producers but is still the area with the least clarity about its processes. A solid understanding of screenwriting theory is essential but translating that theory into practice is not always straightforward. Each movie project raises its own unique set of challenges - of course, that's why it's fun, but it can also be frustrating and can sometimes feel like you're moving backwards.  Having worked in active international development for over 10 years, with both experienced and emerging writers, Script Factory directors, Lucy Scher and Justine Hart  have devised a brand new programme that comprehensively examines the potential problems and explores how to navigate through the tricky development process avoiding the common pitfalls and setting the next draft on course to exploit all the potential strengths of a movie idea.

This two-day course is primarily aimed at script developers, readers and producers. However, if you are a writer with a script that hasn’t yet been optioned then this course contains valuable tools for analysing and improving your own work. 

We’re delighted to offer members of In Development a 10% discount – making the price £202.50 +VAT (normally £225  + VAT).

Call Sheena on 07908 815 665 to book 

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